Driver's zone

We are good to our drivers

Driver's zone

We are good to our drivers

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Our vision of cooperation

with driver

At ANWIL Transport, we create cooperation based on understanding, respect and shared success with our drivers. We appreciate their commitment and strive to provide optimal working conditions and professional development.

We want our drivers to feel the benefits of working at ANWIL Transport, both in terms of employment conditions and professional development. Therefore, we provide them with modern and dedicated vehicles that are not only technically efficient, but also equipped with advanced safety and comfort systems.

Salary / Work System

A planned and predictable work schedule

Training and development

Earnings of drivers

  • in domestic traffic : from PLN 8,000 to PLN 12,000 gross
  • in international traffic - from 17,000 to 23,500 gross


Modern rolling stock

Optimal working conditions for our drivers is a priority at ANWIL Transport. We invest in modern VOLVO truck tractors, ensuring reliability, safety and comfort. 

With new technologies and driver-assistance systems, our drivers are assured of being equipped with high-quality, work-ready vehicles. Our VOLVO fleet meets the latest emission standards, taking care of the environment. Join ANWIL Transport, where we care about your success as a driver.

Contract customers - repeat routes

Our Drivers at ANWIL Transport have access to firm transportation assignments thanks to our extensive customer network. 

Repeatability of courses is a key advantage, bringing them numerous benefits. It allows them to plan their routes and adapt to known conditions, which provides greater driving comfort and certainty. 

Regular transport assignments allow our drivers to build a routine and gain experience on proven routes, which increases efficiency and professionalism.

Set assigned to the driver

At ANWIL Transport, we provide our drivers with modern and individually assigned vehicles that are always fully operational. 

Our services ensure that vehicles are kept in optimum technical condition, providing drivers with greater comfort and involvement.

As ambassadors of our company, drivers receive well-equipped vehicles that meet their needs. 

Returns to base

In our organizational system, we have used a practical solution that eliminates the need for additional travel to the place of departure on the route. Our drivers are able to start and finish work at the same place - Maniewo 9, 64-605 Wargowo.

This solution has many benefits for our drivers. First, it eliminates the extra time and cost of getting to the departure location. Drivers can start their route without unnecessary displacement, which increases efficiency and saves time.

Support for route planning, refueling, parking, pauses, tolls

A booking and tolling system that greatly simplifies drivers' duties related to toll roads, parking lots and ferry crossings. Our experienced staff of freight forwarders handles these aspects, allowing our drivers to concentrate on driving and delivering goods. We strive to minimize additional duties to ensure our drivers have optimal working conditions. 


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