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About Us

ANWIL Transport sp. z o.o. sp.k. has been operating in the market since 1996. It was established as a family business under the name ANWIL and is currently managed by their shareholder.
In December 2004, ANWIL was transformed into ANWIL sp. z o.o., while in 2005 the change was made to ANWIL Transport sp. z o.o. sp. komandytowa. The company has its headquarters in Greater Poland.

Our headquarters are located in the picturesque area of Greater Poland, which is a convenient location for our transportation operations. We believe that this environment contributes to our inspiration and the high quality service we provide to our customers.

In Maniewo/Poznan we have an impressive transportation base with an extensive area of 36,000 sqm. It is the central location of our freight coordination center, personnel and workshop facilities. Our excellent infrastructure enables us to effectively manage and monitor logistics processes, which translates into offering our customers the highest quality services. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the industry and innovative technological solutions, we provide comprehensive transportation services at the highest level


Our company specializes in domestic and international refrigerated transport. Since our inception, we have focused on the quality of our services and precise temperature control of transported goods. Our specialty is the transportation of goods at controlled temperatures.

The basis of our operation is a common goal, giving each employee the opportunity to act independently and creatively. We make every effort to ensure that the goods reach our customers as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism in our services.

Our goal is to provide customers with products and services at a high technical and organizational level. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of both our current and future customers. External and internal audits are regularly conducted in our company to ensure the high quality of our services.

We are known for our on-time delivery, speed of service, and flexible customization. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the transportation industry.

We want our services to not only meet expectations, but also contribute to the success of our customers. Therefore, we are constantly developing our skills, expanding our fleet of vehicles and investing in modern technologies. This allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable transportation solutions.

Trust us as your partner in refrigerated transportation. We are ready to meet your requirements and deliver products on time, with attention to every detail. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a personalized quote.

Mission and vision

Our company's mission is to provide transportation services at constantly controlled temperatures to ensure that our customers receive excellent service and high-quality products. We not only want to be a leader in this field, but also to consistently strive for green transportation (green transportation) to effectively respond to the changing environmental situation around the world.

Our company's vision is to constantly raise the bar and strive to grow to be a leader in providing temperature-controlled products while using state-of-the-art environmental methods.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the ecosystem through innovative solutions and green technologies.

Looking for a trusted partner for temperature-controlled transportation?

Contact us now to discuss your transportation needs and experience excellent service while supporting environmental protection. Together we can achieve more and contribute to positive change.

Join our family of customers today and take advantage of our transportation services that will not only meet your needs, but also contribute to environmental protection.

With our commitment to green transportation, together we can contribute to a sustainable future.

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