We offer transport services based on modern tractor units of the brand Volvo and vans Mercedes Sprinter, which allows us to provide our customers with not only efficiency, but also a high standard of safety.

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Truck Tractors

150 - Volvo FH

Quality and Performance Symbol

Our fleet of tractor units is based on the renowned Volvo FH line, known for its reliability
and exceptional performance.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 3.5 t

Dual Chamber Convenience in Our Fleet

Up to 3.5 - up to 8 pallets payload capacity

More Space, More Convenience

Our transportation fleet is equipped with reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans with two compartments, which means more space for your goods and greater delivery convenience.

Dual Chamber Versatility

With two chambers, our vehicles allow you to
for the separation of different types of cargo, preserving the
Their integrity.

Precision Cooling

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van provides precise cooling, keeping products in ideal conditions during transport.

Mobility and Efficiency

The agility of Sprinter Vans allows you to deliver your
Products to any location, and their cost-effectiveness
It saves time and money.


Having Volvo FH vehicles in Anwil Transport's fleet brings many benefits to our customers in the pharmaceutical industry

and healthcare

Safety and reliability

Volvo FH is a renowned truck brand known for its high standard of safety and reliability. As a result, our customers can rest assured that their pharmaceutical products will be transported in vehicles that meet the highest safety standards.


The Volvo FH is designed with the following in mind
of fuel efficiency, which can result in savings in transportation costs. This can be beneficial to our customers, especially if
are interested in a sustainable approach
For logistics.

Advanced technologies

The Volvo FH is equipped with advanced technology, traction and stability control and emergency braking systems.
All this translates into better cargo protection and safety during transportation.

Service Support

Volvo's service network is available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
Our "Gold Contract" guarantees us priority removal of any defect, in addition to extended warranty coverage.


Latest Green Technology

The new Volvo FH model is equipped with
In the latest technology that reduces emissions
and increases fuel efficiency.

Sustainable Transportation

We support your drive for sustainable transportation by reducing CO2 emissions
and environmental impact.


For Drivers, By Drivers

The Volvo FH was created with the driver in mind.
It is a vehicle that provides both excellent performance,
As well as comfort.

Ergonomic Cabin Design

The cabin was designed with the driver's comfort in mind. Spaciousness, functionality and comfortable seats will make every kilometer a pleasure.


170 Schmitz and Krone refrigerated trailers

Our Freshness Guarantee

We are Proud to Own Refrigerated Trailers

Our transport fleet is based on reputable refrigerated trailers from Schmitz and Krone, which stand for quality and reliability.

Maintaining the temperature at the highest level

Our refrigerated trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art
cooling and heating systems, providing ideal conditions
for your products.

Global Reach, Local Service

With our refrigerated trailers, we can deliver your goods anywhere in the world, always taking care to maintain proper temperatures.

Safety and Quality

Our refrigerated trailers meet the highest safety standards
and quality, allowing us to deliver products in perfect condition.

We use only aggregates from the company THERMO KING

Precise temperature control

Thermo King units are known for their accurate temperature control, which is extremely important for medicines that need to be stored under certain conditions.


Thermo King is a brand that is associated with
with the reliability and durability of its products. This helps avoid downtime in the transportation of medicines.

Regulatory compliance

Thermo King products are often compatible
with international standards and regulations for the transportation of medicines, making it easier to meet regulatory requirements.

Service and technical support

Thermo King offers service and technical support that can help maintain the units
in good working order and quick response
For possible failures.

Energy savings

Some models of Thermo King units
are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which can help reduce operating costs.


Warranty and in-transit repairs:

Our Fleet in Safe Hands

Partnerships with Top Brands

Professional Technical Service

Our service network provides professional technical support
and maintenance to keep our fleet in excellent condition.

Attention to Detail

We take care of every detail to ensure the reliability of our vehicles
and trailers.

We use the Service Network of Volvo, Schmitz, Krone, Mercedes and Thermo KING

Your trust is most important to us, which is why our fleet is operated by the best brands in the transportation industry.

Global Availability

By partnering with these brands, we can ensure service availability worldwide, regardless of location.

Your Peace of Mind

When you use our fleet, you are assured that your goods are being transported in vehicles and trailers maintained in the highest technical condition.



Own Workshop

Partnerships with Top Brands

Repairs at the Highest Level

Our workshop crew takes care of
about the excellent technical condition of our vehicles and trailers, which translates into safe and reliable deliveries.

Specialization in Refrigeration Service

Our workshop specializes in
In the operation of cold storage facilities, which is crucial in the transportation of products
At a controlled temperature.

Full Control of Our Vehicle Park

We are proud to have our own specialized workshop with experienced
And a competent crew. This gives us full control over our fleet.

Rapid Corrective Action

Our staff of more than a dozen works efficiently to minimize downtime and provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

Partnership of Trust

As a customer, you are assured,
That we operate our fleet with passion
and professionalism.

Our Advanced

Technology Solutions

At Anwil Transport, we know that reliability and professionalism in transportation are key. That's why we invest in state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with the highest quality service.

Our TMS Speed Interlan

Our logistics operations are optimized with Speed Interlan's advanced TMS system. It allows us to precisely track and manage our deliveries, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Volvo app

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Volvo Connect telematic solution

Our company's Volvo FH fleet is equipped with the Volvo Connect telematics solution. This allows us to monitor our vehicles in real time, ensuring safety and control at every stage of delivery.

Thermoking tracking system

When transporting pharmaceutical products, temperature control is key. Our cold storage facilities are equipped with a Thermoking tracking system to ensure that pharmaceutical products are stored
And delivered under appropriate conditions.

Trust us to deliver your products according to the
with the highest standards, using the latest technology in the logistics industry.

Our Technology


At Anwil Transport, we are always striving for excellence and improving our services. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we are introducing a new Transics system and state-of-the-art communication tablets in every driver's cab!

Transics system

Our new investment is an advanced Transics system that enables us to have even better control over our fleet and deliveries. It allows us to track our vehicles in real time, optimize routes and deliver even faster and more efficient deliveries.

Communication Tablets in Every Driver's Cab

We care about the comfort and efficiency of our drivers.
That's why we equip every driver's cab with state-of-the-art communication tablets. This tool enables instant contact between drivers and our logistics team, which translates into
for smooth and seamless delivery.

We are proud of these new solutions that help us improve the quality of our services and meet our customers' expectations. Our company is ready for the future of logistics!

Why is the Transics System a step forward?


Route optimization

The Transics system helps us optimize the routes of our vehicles, resulting in shorter delivery times and fuel savings.


With Transics, we gain better control over the safety of our vehicles and cargo, which is crucial in pharmaceutical transportation.

Enhanced security


Our new system supports our efforts toward sustainable logistics,
Which has a beneficial effect on the environment.

Sustainable transport

For our customers, this means even better deliveries, greater precision and even higher quality logistics services.

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